Filter Exchange Services

HARKNESServices offers a filter exchange program so your staff do not have to service your filters in-house any longer. A filter exchange service can save you enough money in labor so it pays for itself!

Benefits of a filter exchange program:

  • No filters expenses for customer
  • Lifetime repair and replace program
  • Reduces kitchen staff exposure to injury (from getting on equipment to take down filters)
  • Eliminates costly expenses of having kitchen staff clean - filters improves air quality for staff
  • Improves exhaust system efficiency so that the filters function to remove grease from airflow
  • Filters meet all NFPA requirements

Considerations if Cleaning Hood Filters In-house

"Ohio EPA, Office of Compliance Assistance & Pollution Prevention (OCAPP)"

Washing your exhaust system, filters, storage containers, areas around the storage container and other items can cause environmental problems if wash water is not managed properly. Just like any grease that gets washed to a storm sewer from the roof, wash water from cleaning equipment can cause environmental problems, if allowed to enter a storm drain. In addition to grease, this wash water carries cleaning chemicals, which can cause serious pH or foaming problems.

HARKNESServices has a responsibility to understand and educate our customer on EPA's "Clean Water Act." This directly impacts cleaning filters onsite. The most common outcome of a large costly fine, there is also a chance of a 1 year jail term based on the severity of the offense. As of 2016 the EPA has delegated authority to all government agencies to impose civil fines (Up to $25,000 per incident per day).

HARKNESServices' goal is to insure that we are not only protecting our customers from exposures and liability like these, but we are also committed to ours and your employees and insuring that they are not being put at risk of breaking a law. The bottom line is anyone with a cell phone camera can upload a video of someone they believe is committing an act of water pollution and the government will investigate.

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